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The Southeast Review Writer’s Regimen


If you are a writer and find yourself in an occasional slump, The Southeast Review’s Writer’s Regimen may be the perfect fix.

A couple times a year, they offer 30 days of prompts, reading/writing exercises, riff words, quotes-of-the-day, craft talks and podcasts.  You pay $15 and wake up to an email every morning with all of this inspiration to kick-start your writing.

I had tried the regimen a couple of years ago, and I participated again this June with a specific project in mind.  It really helped me approach my characters in fresh ways, stretch my imagination, and work out my literary muscles.

I highly recommend it every once in a while to break your habits and/or establish a better writing schedule when you just can’t bear another day staring at the blank screen and wondering what to write.  Their next regimen is in October!

AWP Seattle

AWP was terrific this year.  We had an Idyllwild Arts table at the book fair and met many interesting writers and teachers among the great book fair crowds.  I participated in a panel on high school writing programs with teachers from the South Carolina Governor’s School, Interlochen Arts Academy, and the New Mexico School for the Arts.

panel Jamie Figueroa (New Mexico School For the Arts), Anne-Marie Oomen (Interlochen Arts Academy), Scott Gould (South Carolina Governor’s School), yours truly (Idyllwild Arts), Monika Cassel (New Mexico School for the Arts)

It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about each other’s programs and share what we’ve learned with other high school teachers.  Thanks to these fine teachers for participating in this panel!

Jamie Figueroa

It was wonderful to visit the Rose Metal Press table and chat with Abby and Kathleen–click here to see what they’ve been up to.

book signingMy book signing for The Kind of Girl

I also gave a reading at the Freehold Theatre with fellow Rose Metal Press author Gregory Robinson and writers from Ricochet Press, Anomalous, Gold Line, and Boston Review.  While there, I picked up Gregory’s new book, All Movies Love the Moon.  Can’t wait to read it!


Some other books I picked up at the fair that I’m looking forward to:

Animal Collection, by Colin Winnette. Beautiful handmade book from Spork Press, with an animal flash story for each letter of the alphabet

Math, Heaven, Time, by Mandy Kahn, and Our Obsidian Tongues by Idyllwild Arts alum David Shook, both of Eyewear Publishing

Motel Diary, by Alice Bolin, of Poor Claudia. Lovely chapbook, amazing poetry

The latest issue of Fairy Tale Review

I think there are others scattered between my classroom and house, but these are the ones currently piled on my desk!

AWP Conference Panel, Book Signing and Reading


I will be in Seattle for the AWP Conference, and will be participating in a panel, book signing, and reading.  See the schedule below!

Thursday, February 27
AWP Conference
Washington State Convention Center &
Sheraton Seattle Hotel
Seattle, WA

Participating in the panel: “Writing Toward the Future: High School Creative Writing Programs.” With Monika Cassel, Jamie Figueroa, Anne-Marie Oomen, Scott Gould. Room 2B, Washington State Convention Center, Level 2. 3:00 pm.

As writing programs multiply around the nation, high school writing majors in arts schools are the new frontier. What does such an early emphasis on the craft of writing offer young students during the high school years and beyond? What should a writer hoping to teach at such a program expect? Instructors and program directors of arts school creative writing programs across the country explore what intensive training in creative writing can offer today’s youth and today’s teachers of writing.

Book signing at the Rose Metal Press table at the AWP bookfair (Table R5). 4:30-5:30 pm.

Saturday, March 1
Rose Metal Press authors Kim Henderson and Gregory Robinson will be reading in an offsite reading near the convention center hosted by Ricochet, La Presse, Anomalous, Gold Line Press, and Rose Metal Press at the Freehold Theater, 2222 2nd Ave. 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Thursday, February 27-Saturday, March 1
We will have an Idyllwild Arts table at the AWP Bookfair (Table M24) with information on the Academy and Summer Program.

Idyllwild Arts Reading at CSUSB a Success

Click to read an article in the Press Enterprise about Idyllwild Arts students and faculty reading at CSUSB as part of the Pacific Review Reading Series.  We enjoyed meeting faculty and students from the Creative Writing program–thanks to Chad Sweeney for inviting us out!



Idyllwild Arts Students and Faculty to Read at CSUSB


Idyllwild Arts Academy Creative Writing faculty and students will be featured in the CSUSB Pacific Review Reading Series this February!  The series features visiting writers and a student open mic.  The details:

Thursday, February 6

Kim Henderson reading with Katherine Factor and Idyllwild Arts Academy students at the CSUSB Visiting Writers + Student Open Mic.  6:00 pm.
Free and open to the public

Pacific Review Reading Series
Pfau 4005, Voices of the Desert Crossroads Room
California State University San Bernardino
San Bernardino, CA