The Southeast Review Writer’s Regimen


If you are a writer and find yourself in an occasional slump, The Southeast Review’s Writer’s Regimen may be the perfect fix.

A couple times a year, they offer 30 days of prompts, reading/writing exercises, riff words, quotes-of-the-day, craft talks and podcasts.  You pay $15 and wake up to an email every morning with all of this inspiration to kick-start your writing.

I had tried the regimen a couple of years ago, and I participated again this June with a specific project in mind.  It really helped me approach my characters in fresh ways, stretch my imagination, and work out my literary muscles.

I highly recommend it every once in a while to break your habits and/or establish a better writing schedule when you just can’t bear another day staring at the blank screen and wondering what to write.  Their next regimen is in October!